Art of Goodness - Online Class

Its that time again! Time for a holiday online class taught by Junelle Jacobsen. I cant get enough of my favorite teacher! The Art of Goodness has now begun and I am just giddy with excitement!

Do you want a sneak peak? click here!

Today is day one and I have been hiding out in my art room all day painting and watching class videos. This is a three-week class full of so many wonderful holiday projects.  The inspiration in this class is just overflowing. Come join me!

One of many class projects

Fall color Palatte

Somerset Workshop - Junelle Style

When I found out Junelle Jacobsen was going to be featured in Somerset Workshop magazine, I knew I had to get my copy as swiftly as possible. To my delight, 39 pages were dedicated to Junelle. She showed how to create 5 unique mixed media projects along with more inspiring photos of her art work. I rarely spend money on magazines, but this magazine was chalked full of so much crafting inspiration, I couldn't help myself. It was Love at first sight.

My take on one of Junelle's projects in the magazine

Art of Wild Abandonment

If you know me, you are aware of my love of anything Junelle Jacobsen. You must check out her first of many classes titled: the Art of Wild Abandonment. You can find the class info over at Christy Tomlinson's blog: HERE

Here is just a small example of what you will find in her class. There are project galore!!! 

This next project is especially dear to me because I made this before my sweet bird "Tootsie Girl" passed away. She is the curious cockatiel on the left. I even used her feathers in the piece. She was my first bird and my treasure.

The Art Of Wild Abandonment Bloghop

This is my first blog hop and i'm so excited! Welcome gals and thankyou Claire Smillie for hosting such a fun event! If you want to start from the beginning of the blog hop, you can head on over to Claire's blog at: Creativity Rocks. She put together this fun blog hop for all of us. Lets begin!

I was able to take this really amazing class "The Art of Wild Abandonment" by Junelle Jacobsen, which by the way is still open for enrollment and even lasts a whole year! It was an extremely fun class. She taught sketching, art journaling, painting, watercolors, and more. This class taught me to be observant. It taught me how to record my thoughts and feelings through sketching which in turn helped my creativity flourish. I now take my sketchbook with me where ever I go.  

This class isn't about doing exactly what the teacher does. It is about learning what makes us happy through art. It helped me learn to express my joys and feelings through mixed media. If you can dream it, you can journal it.

Do you have a pocket full of dreams? Journal them! It feels great.

You must check out Junelle's blog: Yes and Amen. Her love for little lambies is contagious and her art is to die for. :) I was even blessed to be able purchase her lamb photos for my baby room (to be blogged later). Did I mention I LOVE her blog?

Now, head on over to Michelle Daigle at The Paper Dog. I peeked and her class project inspiration is super cute!

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun at the blog hop.