SketchKon 2018

Sketchbook Skool held their first sketch convention called Sketchkon this past week in Pasadena, California, where sketchers from around the world got together to listen to demos, presentations, go on sketch crawls and more. It was a fabulous time meeting and hanging out with fellow sketchers. The teachers and students were amazing and so friendly. I was also able to hang out with two of my mentors Brenda Swenson and Roz Stendahl. I have been blessed in the past to take a few in person classes with Brenda Swenson. She is such a delight and beautiful person inside and out. With Roz, I took her online course about sketching from life. She has taught me so much about sketching live animals. After Sketchkon Roz hosted a sketch out to the zoo. One of my dreams has always been to sketch at the zoo with Roz and she did not disappoint. She was so giving with her time and knowledge.

This past week, I feel like I have had so many breakthroughs in my sketching life that I am anxious to start implementing in my day to day. I hope to keep this website, facebook page, and instagram page up to date with all my sketchy activities. Thanks for stopping by!