Imperfectly Perfect - Watercolor Inspiration

Dabbling in photography is the perfect tool for me to capture inspiration. I get such joy when I find the composition that inspires me and provides me with the perfect snapshot to keep for when that artsy mood strikes. Being a novice photographer, I was thrilled that these photos needed no editing. I love it when that happens! I found these gorgeous wildflowers on vacation in Park City, Utah. They were nestled in a valley surrounded by an Aspen forest. With the Aspen leaves rustling in the wind, I couldn't help but soak up all the colors, shapes, and textures of God's creation. The beauty just dazzled my mind.

On the car ride home, I couldn't help but pull out my watercolors and start painting the flowers you see below. If you struggle with perfectionism like I do, creating art in the car is the perfect way to help stop that horrible habit. If you notice the yellow flower above, the petals aren't perfect. In fact, the petals are imperfectly perfect. Its the imperfections of the petal that make it beautifully perfect. When you let go of perfectionism, you open up the door to growth.  Strive to make beauty out of the imperfections and the more you practice the more beautiful your art will become.