The Quilts of Valor Project

I am in a group hosted by Blue Star Moms that makes quilts for wounded soldiers and baby quilts for their little ones. We meet once a month to make quilts for Wounded Soldiers. Thanks to those who donated to my chipin! I was able to buy some lovely fabric for our quilts used in the quilt below. 


In the coming months, I plan to post more pictures on my blog showing off these beautiful quilts made with loving care to give to our heroes in the service.


Our quilting group is made up of a great bunch of ladies who donate their time to make beautiful quilts. Some women have sons in the service and there are others who just want to show appreciation to our serviceman and women. We are definitely a patriotic bunch. :)

You can check out all of my quilts of valor projects under the "Valor Quilts" category button on the left bar.